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Bulldog Price:

Bulldog Puppy Price In India Chennai, Pure Baby Bulldog Price And Breeder Contact Details Available, Best Pet Shop Rates (Cost)

Bulldog Price In India:

Bulldog Price
  1. Price : 15000 to 100000

Shop Name : Sandstorm Kennel

Contact : 9840098989

Location : All Over India

Bulldog Puppy Price

2. Price : 8000

Shop Name : Sanrams Kennel

Contact : 9980089494

Location : All Over India

Bulldog India

3. Price : 11000

Shop Name : Sanjay’s Kennel

Contact : 9845125911

Location : All Over India

Bulldog Chennai

4. Price : 15000

Shop Name : Dust Bulldogs

Contact : 7259021369

Location : All Over India

Bulldog Price India

5. Price : 13000

Shop Name : Shanky Jaiswal

Contact : 7875977377

Location : All Over India

Bulldog Price In Chennai:

Bulldog Price Chennai

6. Price : 7000

Shop Name : Faithtrot Kennel

Contact : 9884169464

Location : India, Chennai

Bulldog Breeding

7. Price : 10000

Shop Name : Vainisikennel

Contact : 7010626282

Location : India, Chennai

Bulldog Cost

8. Price : 12000


Contact : 9818705784

Location : India, Chennai

Bulldog Rate

9. Price : 6000

Shop Name : Aryan

Contact : 9555944924

Location : India, Chennai


10. Price : 12000

Shop Name : Pet Shop

Contact : 9962500292

Location : India, Chennai

Bulldog Puppy Price In India Chennai:

In this article, I want to share with you the breakdown of all of the one-time costs that I’ve paid since I brought my bulldog home

As well as all the recurring costs that I’m expecting to pay or continue paying in the future

I’ve already learned so much just in the few months you’ve been a bulldog Puppy dog mom so I’m excited to share it all with you

One Time Cost Of Owning A Dog – Bulldog Price In India Chennai

Let’s first go over one time costs off obviously there is the actual cost of the Bulldog

Adoption Bulldog Price:

This can vary widely and if you adopt a Bulldog from a shelter the adoption fee can go up to maybe 300

Breeder Bulldog Price:

300 max if you get one Bulldog from a breeder it could go up to one and a half thousand dollars

For a rare or so quality Bulldog they could go up to five thousand, ten thousand even fifteen thousand dollars

Bulldog Reproduction Cost From Conception To Birth:

Bulldog which is one of the more expensive breeds just because of the way

They’re born the mom has to typically go through a c-section because their hips are shaped weird

Bulldog are a really weird breed but Bulldog go for at least three thousand dollars and I got my Bulldog from a breeder

And I know a lot of people are really against Bulldog breeders so I respect that um but

I would appreciate it if you don’t leave any nasty comments about that

We would love to adopt dogs from a shelter someday I’m fully aware that a lot of dogs need a home

But My Bulldog was a gift to myself for achieving some really big milestones in my life this year so

Yeah appreciate your understanding um but anyway now as for the other one time cost of Bulldog let’s go down the list

Cost Of A Crate:

It’s a really good idea to crate train your Bulldog puppy and put my Bulldog in a crate at night or when you have to leave the house for a bit

Because it trains them to hold in their pee

So I spent 30 on a crate I think it’s an absolute necessity and then bedding

Cost Of Bedding:

For bedding to put inside of his crate you could go buy stuff but I used old towels and blankets that I found around the house for my Bulldog

Price Of Puppy Gate For Bulldog:

Then, you’ll want to get a puppy gate puppies are extremely curious

So you will need a gate or some way of blocking off just a Bulldog puppy safe area of the house

This will also help speed up the process of potty training

Because it’s very overwhelming to have access to the whole house and Bulldog might just get confused and potty everywhere

And then you won’t even find it till like a day later or maybe never a true story you could spend anywhere from 30 to 190 for a Bulldog puppy gate  

Just depending on how long or nice you need it to be

Cost Of Vaccines:

Next up is initial exams and vaccines as soon as you bring home a Bulldog puppy you need to take the bulldog to the vet for an initial health exam

And also my bulldog needs to get some vaccines so all this cost me a hundred dollars

Cost Of Neutering:

Something else to consider is the cost of spaying and neutering

And I’m not even sure if I am going to get my Bulldog neutered but if I do it’ll cost at least 300

Price Of Bulldog Training:

You might want to invest in Bulldog dog training you could get away with just watching free videos on Youtube

Bulldog Travel Carrier Price:

Then you might want to get a travel carrier My Bulldog goes with me pretty much everywhere

So I bought a really good travel carrier for sixty dollars

And even if you don’t travel you will probably need one of these to take your Bulldog dog to vet visits or take him out

so I think it’s a necessity

Cost Of Stain Remover:

Next stain remover puppies have a lot of accidents or at least my Bulldog did and he still does um

So you’ll want a stain remover and this could cost maybe 20

Cost Of Toys For Bulldog:

And should last you until the Bulldog puppy is house trained as for toys I went a little crazy

Because I didn’t know what My bulldog would like and I was just desperate for my bulldog to be busy and not need so much of my attention

So I’ve spent about a hundred dollars on toys so far most of which my bulldog doesn’t even play with

My bulldog is kind of spoiled and my bulldog mostly just likes to play fetch with some cheap squeaky toy

That came with my Bulldog when the breeder handed him over and this like dry dryer machine ball that we play fetch with

So I would say don’t waste your money in this area and just stick with old stuff you have around the house stuffed animals and socks things like that

And now for the rest, all the other odds and ends like food and water bowls 25 harnesses 30 tags 15 and leash 10

so that’s a total of 80 bucks for those odds and ends

Pee Pads For Bulldog:

And one last thing  if you live in a high rise or you don’t have a backyard

It’s a lot easier to potty train indoors using pee pads than to have to take Bulldog outside all the time

So I did this but instead of using pee pads I used a fresh patch

which is a subscription service that delivers a patch of real fresh grass to your doorstep for Bulldog

So I use this for my bulldog just for the first month just because when he was very little he needed to go like 20 times a day

And the elevator is far from my apartment and that would be unrealistic so I paid 120 for grass pads just in the first month for my Bulldog

However, if you want to go a little cheaper you can just do pee pads and that would cost about 50 for one month

So that’s about it for all the one time cost of Bulldog

Recurring cost Of Bulldog:

Now let’s go over the recurring cost the most obvious recurring cost is food

This is the one expense that any Bulldog dog owner will have to be prepared to pay for pretty much for the Bulldog dog’s entire lifetime

There’s no way around it so 365 days a year for 10 15 hopefully 20 years

And also what you spend on food is going to vary a lot depending on the type of diet you choose

And the quality of food that you buy for your Bulldog dog on the low end of the range of what you can spend is

If you feed your Bulldog dog dry food or kibble as a rule of thumb dogs should eat about 30 calories per pound of body-weight

So the bigger your Bulldog dog the more you will have to spend on food based on dollars per calorie

Cost Of Bulldog:

Calculations that I ran on some popular Bulldog dog food brands the monthly cost per pound of the body weight comes out to roughly a dollar

A dollar per month per pound of body-weight now bulldog grow to be around 25 pounds

So for my bulldog, it would cost about 25 a month which is cheap but if you’re okay spending a little more on food

You can also do home-cooked food or even raw food so since bulldog is prone to health issues

I went with a recommendation from a holistic vet and I put my bulldog on a store-bought raw food called answers pet food

so far it’s costing me about 140 a month

I wasn’t exactly expecting to pay that much for food so once I get more educated

I am gonna start trying to buy from bulk from a butcher and save money on this but as for now my Bulldog’s doing well on a raw diet

And I know that investing in good nutrition is gonna save me a lot of money down the road on medical bills

Pet Insurance Cost Of Bulldog:

Another recurring expense is pet insurance although lots of people go without it

I decided to get pet insurance for my bulldog pretty much as soon as I brought him home

It’s just cheaper when you get them when they’re younger and the reason why I got it is that I would hate to get hit with an emergency vet bill

That cost thousands and thousands of dollars and maybe I’d end up having to put it on a credit card or something

So I just finished paying off a boatload of student loan debt and you know becoming debt-free

And the last thing I want is to go right back into debt no like what if my bulldog gets some sort of chronic disease and needs a lot of expensive treatments

Bulldog Disease:

I was reading stuff online and I found this one article about Bulldog dogs who needed bone marrow transplants

They got lymphoma this stuff happens and these transplants cost sixteen thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars

And according to this article, more than 70 owners paid this that is freaking crazy

I mean not the fact that they paid it just because I’m sure you would do anything to save your Bulldog dog

But I hope these owners had pet insurance because I certainly wouldn’t be able to spend 25 000 just out of pocket on my Bulldog dog

maybe I’m a little bit of a warrior

But I would hate to have to make a choice between financial ruin or saving my Bulldog dog’s life

So that’s why I decided to spend a little extra money on pet insurance just to have that peace of mind

So I got my bulldog coverage with Figo and I pay 78 a month there’s a 500 deductible

And I can take my Bulldog to any vet in the world and get reimbursed for 90 percent of covered expenses

Pet insurance is also breeding specific so it could potentially cost a lot less depending on the breed of dog that you get

For example the monthly cost on Figo for a medium-sized mixed-breed dog is half the cost

It’s like 30 bucks so let’s say on the low-end pet insurance costs 30 bucks a month and on the high end could be 78 a month

Healthcare Cost Of Bulldog:

The next major expense to budget for is preventative healthcare and wellness

Pet insurance typically doesn’t cover this stuff so annual wellness exams vaccines heart-worm med parasite treatments

uh consultation fees those things aren’t covered

So recently I got hit with a vet bill for 413 dollars and 26 cents none of which was covered

It was 175 for the vet consultation 89.98 to run the poop test 62-53 for a nine-month supply of heart-worm med and 82-75 for his vaccines

This is all routine common stuff with Bulldog puppies and again none of it is covered by insurance

So even if you do get insurance make sure to set aside 25 to 50 a month for preventative care

And that will cover things like exams dental parasite treatments things like that

Daycare Rate For Bulldog:

Another often overlooked ongoing cost of owning a Bulldog dog is a daycare and also dog walking

I underestimated how much attention puppies need especially Bulldog

They’re very demanding attention-wise and so not only do I need to take him out like 10 times a day

but he needs a lot of playtime a lot of love and affection

I wasn’t planning to spend money on daycare or even dog walking services

But once I brought my bulldog home I wasn’t getting any work done

Because I was so busy with my bulldog so I recently decided to take my bulldog to daycare two times a week

I use an app which is an awesome app I found a place for thirty dollars a day which is at two times a week it’s 240 a month

That is a lot considering that I wasn’t even planning for this line item

But again I hugely underestimated how time-consuming it is to take care of a Bulldog puppy

And you also want him to play and not be bored and just wait around for you all-day

So I’m cool with the cost at least for the first few months until he gets a little bit older and more independent

And it’s awesome because my bulldog gets to play and run around so that when he comes home

he’s really tired and just is very mellow and the daycare sends me a bunch of cute videos it’s priceless

So I will be budgeting for daycare until my bulldog is a couple of months older

Travel Expenses Price Bulldog:

Another ongoing cost you may not have thought of is travel expenses so far I’ve only taken one flight with my bulldog

But once the pandemic is over I plan on taking my Bulldog with me all around the world pretty much everywhere I go whenever I can

So if your pet is small enough to fit under the seat you can take Bulldog with you on the flight for an extra fee with united airlines

it costs an extra 125 to take my Bulldog with me on the flight

And you take your Bulldog in cargo because he’s too big the cost is about the same in 2019 before the pandemic

I took about five flights total so if I were to take my bulldog with me on five flights per year that would cost 625 dollars for his flight fee

Once again did not think about this but taking my Bulldog with me when I travel would be a lot cheaper than getting a dog sitter plus

I would just miss him too much isn’t that right my bulldog so that pretty much covers the major recurring monthly costs

Chew Sticks Price For Bulldog:

But you also have to spend money on treats chew sticks just cause the best way to train Bulldog dogs is through treats a lot of positive reinforcement

And Bulldog dogs also like to chew on things they tease and it will keep you off chewing your furniture

so in addition to food plan on buying treats and chew sticks regularly

These kinds of things could range anywhere from two dollars a stick to ten dollars a stick

My bulldog goes through about one of these a week so two sticks cost anywhere from eight dollars to forty dollars per month

Poop Bags Price For Bulldog:

Also don’t forget poop bags it’s fifty dollars for a one year supply of biodegradable poop bags

But puppies poop a lot more than adults like a lot sometimes my bulldog poops up to three times in one walk

It’s quite impressive so they go through these at lightning speed

So I would say budget a dollar 25 to 375 a month for poop bags so I think that pretty much covers all the actual costs of owning a Bulldog dog

Actual price of Bulldog India Chennai:

At least in my experience on the low end of the range, this amounts to a total of 370 for one-time costs plus 89.25 for ongoing monthly costs

And this doesn’t count what it costs to get the actual Bulldog dog since um

That can vary widely than on the high end of the range this could be a total of 13.65 for one-time costs plus 603.75 for ongoing costs mainly

If you take Bulldog to daycare or not owning a Bulldog is a financial commitment

But there are a lot of ways to make it work for your budget so in general owning a smaller Bulldog is cheaper than big Bulldogs obviously

Because of the food but also a lot of things you have to buy like crates and beds will be smaller

And if you want to make it economical get a full-grown Bulldog

so that you can skip all the one-time expenses of taking care of a Bulldog puppy

Being a finance person I know full well that all this money could go towards investing instead

And that money would grow exponentially and in a few decades I’d be a millionaire and blah blah blah but the cost of owning a Bulldog

Benefit Of Owning A Bulldog:

I think is an investment too because it’s an investment in your happiness

Since getting my bulldog I’ve been getting outside more I’ve been playing a lot more and just enjoying the moment

It’s done wonders for my mood and my stress levels nothing

But good things I know if I didn’t get a Bulldog yeah I’ll probably have a lot more money but life isn’t just about having lots of money

It’s also about enjoying the journey and owning a Bulldog is one of the most fulfilling ways to make this journey awesome

This journey that we’re on called life that’s it for this article on what it costs to own a Bulldog


Bulldog Price

Bulldog Price In India

Bulldog Price In Chennai

Bulldog Puppy Price In India Chennai


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