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Dachshund Price:

Dachshund Price In India Chennai, Good Healthy Dachshund Puppy Price And Breeders Shop, Cost Of Dachshund

Dachshund Price In India:

Dachshund Price In India
  1. Price : 10000

Shop Name : Siddhesh Salunke

Contact : 9819343898

Location : All Over India

Dachshund Price

2. Price : 8000

Shop Name : Bethany Kennels

Contact : 9840057055

Location : All Over India

Dachshund Puppy Price In India

3. Price : 6000

Shop Name : Toyboy Kennel

Contact : 9826687099

Location : All Over India

Dachshund Rate

4. Price : 13000

Shop Name : Joshberg Kennels

Contact : 9225313177

Location : All Over India

Mini Dachshund Price

5. Price : 16000

Shop Name : Von Nishins Dachshunds

Contact : 9944290438

Location : All Over India

Dachshund Puppy Price In Chennai, India:

Cost of Dachshund

6. Price : 7500

Shop Name : Habibi’s Kennels

Contact : 04424493311

Location : Chennai, India

Dachshund Cost

7. Price : 14000

Shop Name : Aryan

Contact : 9555944924

Location : Chennai, India

Dachshund Price In Chennai

8. Price : 5000

Shop Name : Chanji’s

Contact : 9841095890

Location : Chennai, India

Dachshund Price Chennai

9. Price : 17000

Shop Name : Bonguinhas

Contact : 9840315131

Location : Chennai, India

Dachshund Dog Price India

10. Price : 8000

Shop Name : Dinesh

Contact : 7200932811

Location : Chennai, India

Dachshund Dog Price In India, Chennai:

I just wanted to share some of the things  

I learned along the way as far as the cost of having a mini dachshund and also just their personality his personality

what it’s like having a mini dachshund so I hope this can be helpful to someone who’s maybe thinking about purchasing a dachshund dog

A smaller breed of a dog or a mini dachshund he’s a long-haired mini dachshund

I will get right into it so let’s start with how much I paid for that dachshund doggy in the window

Yeah I paid about $500 his mama’s a purebred but his dad was not so on the lower end

It’s about $500 for this type of dachshund dog but it goes up into the thousands

How much does it cost to have a Dachshund India:

Here’s a cute picture to distract you from the costs that we are about to talk

About how much does it cost to have a bad and boozy dog

We are about to talk about it now here’s the breakdown first off

Neutering Cost – Dachshund Puppy Price

If you have a male dachshund dog you are probably on the look into getting neutering

That was the cone of shame after the dachshund was neutered

Neutering at the base costs $200 it goes up from there

Because of anesthesia your post checkup to make sure that everything’s healing correctly

And the painkillers that are needed during the healing process it took about

I think it took about two weeks for him to heal and at that time you also had had to get a tooth extracted

Tooth Extracted Cost – Dachshund Dog Price Chennai

Smaller dachshund dogs have teeth problems it’s very normal for smaller dachshund breeds to have a lot of teeth issues so

You had to get a tooth extracted so we did the neutering and the truth extraction at the same time

So dachshund only had to go under once with anesthesia

And that ended up costing about $500 in total on normal dental care for like cleaning their teeth cost around $150 at the base

That is anesthesia is also needed for that as well and the vet recommended three times a year

I started brushing his teeth okay I went out

I got a kid to start brushing his teeth because

I can’t afford to go three times a year to brush his teeth and clean it

I was like I will put myself in danger of being a bit to go ahead and clean his teeth and save myself some money

So at least I go once a year and get his teeth done at the vet’s office

Trifexis Cost For Dachshund Dog Disease:

The next thing at the vet’s office would be the annual and semiannual exams and shots

Just to make sure I am taking preventative measures to help them live the longest most healthy life

That they can live as well as addressing any of the concerns that you may have in the meantime

Since your last visit if you noticed any changes Trifexis

Trifexis is a monthly tablet, tablet for dachshund dogs it kills fleas and prevents flea infestations

It controls hookworm whipworm and roundworm infections and prevents heartworm disease

This cost about $25 a month twenty-five dollars per pill

So that’s how come I just went ahead and rounded up to 300 dollars per year

It’s what you are going to spend on that preventative measure my dachshund dog has achieved skin itchy dry skin

Food Cost -Dachshund Dog Price Chennai

So instead of putting fish oil on his dachshund dog food I just went ahead and bought him pure balanced grain-free salmon and green peas

Dachshund Dog food usually a 224-pound bag when sometimes I trade it out for the lentils and trout

Just to give him some variation each 24-pound bag costs about thirty-two dollars and some change

And it lasts for about three months for him so I only end up buying four bags in total for the year

which comes out to be about 132 dollars so in total for the first year of owning your smaller breed dachshund dog

You are probably going to pay about $1500 after that it’s going to go down by about 400 to 500 dollars each year

I think he’s worth every penny that I have spent even though he tears up

All of his toys follows me everywhere like dachshund’s my shadow and tears up my heels

The dachshund was worth it and dachshund’s sometimes really stubborn dachshund doesn’t listen sometimes

But we have got the basics down as far as lets me know when dachshund needs to go outside to pee or poop

And dachshund lets me know when dachshund wants me to play with him and dachshund can sit or stand on command  

I feel like that’s a lot being accomplished with the many dachshund dogs thing

Because they don’t listen they are very stubborn folks

I hope this was insightful and informative for those of you who are about to be first-time dachshund dog owners till next time go-ahead

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