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Duck Hunting Dogs Breed

Duck Hunting Dogs:

Duck Hunting Dogs, I’m going to be discussing hunting dogs and so the topic is how important is it to have a duck hunting dog

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  • Chippiparai
  • The Labrador Retriever
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
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  • Beagle
  • Weimaraner
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Top Duck Hunting Essentials:

We are talking about Duck Hunting Dog and I’m going to share with you five must-have essentials if you own a duck dog

Labrador retrievers are an incredible part of my life they are so important to me in my experience in duck hunting

I get lots of questions about all kinds of things about duck hunting dogs

Hunting dogs is one of the popular topics so today I wanted to give you a list of essentials things that you got to have

If you are a duck hunter that has a duck dog now these are not this is not a like super common list of things

You know like a leash or you know you want bumpers and a dog stand you know that stuff is pretty common

A lot of people will tell you, you need to have a first aid kit for your Duck Hunting Dog which is true

And they’ve got you know bandages, antiseptic, ointments and things like that are in there


Essential Gear for Duck Hunting:

Duck Hunting Dogs

First-Aid Kit:

But the first item that I have on the list is something that’s going to go into your first-aid kit

This is something that a lot of people don’t think about and There is the liquid bandage

This stuff is fantastic they’ve got several different brands out there

That is New Skin liquid bandage and if your Duck Hunting Dog splits a pad it gets a bad cut something like that

This is something that can go on quickly and if it’s bad enough that you need to go to the vet

Then you at least can kind of get it sealed up while you’re in the field before you know to go to town to get them checked out by your vet

I’ve used it several times with different Duck Hunting Dogs that I’ve had over the years splitting a pad is a real common thing

If you hunt your dog very much sometimes they’ll get in and some briers or something and it cuts their pad

You can just squirt that stuff right on their pad and hold it together for just a minute and it’ll seal it right up

It works well if you can’t find a liquid bandage or you catch yourself in a position where you don’t have any with you

Something also that works well is superglue so you can also use superglue and fix your Duck Hunting Dog right up by the way

I’m not being paid to endorse any of the products that you see on this article 

These are just things that I’ve learned over the years and their products that I believe in


Joint Supplement:

So number two is a joint supplement for Duck Hunting Dogs called glycol flex

This is a tremendous product our Labrador retrievers are athletes and put a lot of wear and tear on their joints

A glycol flex for duck hunting dogs a supplement that helps their joints and acts like an anti-inflammatory as well

I’ve seen tremendous results with my duck hunting dogs especially my older dogs

With the older dogs is where you notice because they bounce back quicker after a hard day

And I’ve been using Stage one, they offer three stages

Stage one two and three, three for the oldest dogs one for the younger duck hunting dogs

I’m going to probably move my duck hunting dog to stage two this coming duck season

Because my duck hunting dog’s now five years old I’ve never had any trouble with any of my duck hunting dogs eating these things there

They’re just little shoes and they eat them like treats so sometimes I make it a make it like a treat flan here all right


Vet Wrap:

Number three on the list is another product that I keep in my first-aid kit and that is Vet Wrap

Okay what is Vet Wrap, it’s kind of like an ace bandage but it’s thinner and you know it’s stretchy

And you can wrap it around something and keep it tight so if your duck hunting dog you know prank gets a sprain

Or you need to create a splint or you need to keep a bandage on the dog a little bit better than

Just you know a little piece of tape or something you can wrap this around their arm

You know someplace on their body and this works well I’ve been using this for a long time

Fortunately, I haven’t had to use it very often but I keep it in my bag it comes in lots of different colors

But of course, I’ve got camouflage in case I need it while I’m hunting well


Grooming Tools:

In my duck hunting dog, I’ve got fur all over my legs because I brushed up against her at springtime, and the dog shed

Labrador retrievers are bad about the shed and we can first be coming off of her

And I’ve tried all kinds of different brushes over the years to get rid of that hair that’s coming out there blowing out there

Winter coat usually lasts about three weeks maybe four weeks


The best one I have found is the Furminator and this thing is incredible it’s a real stiff comb metal comb

And then it’s got this little thing that you push and it pushes the fur out of it

I do one quick and so you just push a little button in it you can see how it releases the hair out of it

How often should I use the FURminator?

You just got to go down and brush their entire body and I do this about every couple of days

And you can see how much fur comes off of them and it’s ridiculous I mean I’ll do this for ten minutes

And I’ll have enough fur to make another duck hunting dog I mean it’s crazy how much fur comes off of them

But it’s not a great fun chore to do but you must keep the duck hunting dog in the house

If you got an outside dog all this how long this early matters but My duck hunting dog stays in the house with us

And I wind up keeping her kind of in a confined area while my duck hunting dog’s shedding because otherwise, you got fur all over the house

I have to back to the area that my duck hunting dog’s in probably twice a day and it’s just crazy

How much my duck hunting dog sheds even though I still brush her out with the Furminator this is where the mass comes in like

I said I’ve vacuumed the place where I keep you know my duck hunting dog every day a couple of times a day

Then I’ve got to get rid of all this stuff now I live out in the middle of nowhere

So I can just go out the woods and dump this stuff out but I’ve got to have my mask on because if I don’t I’m going to get sick

I’ve learned the hard way that I better put a mask on You can get the Furminator at the pet store


Portable Propane Heater:

Number five if you’re a duck hunter and you’ve got a duck dog is a portable propane heater like this mister heater

Buddy this thing is fantastic and you know you know it’ll keep you warm too if you’re in the blind with the dog

And all that but the reason why I keep one of these with me when it’s going to get very cold at all is

Because hypothermia can set in even when it’s not frigid for your duck hunting dog

Your duck hunting dog getting wet okay and the more times the duck hunting dog gets in the water and is making retrieves then the more energy

And the more of a chance it’s going to have of getting hypothermia

I learned a really valuable lesson several years ago with my duck hunting dog we were having a great day

But it wasn’t that cold I think it was like 35 degrees and so I didn’t think you know anything about my duck hunting dog was you know going to get hypothermia

But after about maybe retrieved number 40 and the water was kind of deep it wasn’t completely swimming water

You know my duck hunting dog couldn’t run either so my duck hunting dog was you know using a lot of energy and my duck hunting dog was getting really tired

And it was one duck after another and so all those things in consideration



She comes in the blind on about number 40 and my duck hunting dog’s kind of wobbly and my duck hunting dog’s shaking bad

I got to do something and so I grabbed my jacket and wrapped it around her

And I huddled you know around her good to kind of get her warmed up quick

Once my duck hunting dog warned back up she’s good to go but you know it was kind of scary there for a few minutes for me

And at that point you know I started taking my heater with me every time

I went out if it was you know going to be below like 40 degrees

Just because you never know and there’s been you know several times where I pulled it out when it wasn’t super frigid and you turn that thing on

And my duck hunting dog knows right what to do she’s been around it enough my duck hunting dog knows to get right up next to it she’ll warm up pretty quick

My duck hunting dog’s good to go but you ever get to that point where they start uncontrollably shaking

They start kind of acting loopy they start you know kind of wobbling around


You need to take care of your duck hunting dog you need to shut the hunt down stop what you’re doing get your duck hunting dog warm you know body heat your body heat on the duck hunting dog

You know keeping some kind of towel or something maybe who are you can kind of dry the dog off a little bit

But certainly, you want to keep a heater in those chance times when your dog might get you to know hypothermia

So over the last several months, I’ve been getting tons and tons of questions for me all about all kinds of different things

I love getting questions I do my very best to respond to them


The Cost of Owing Duck Hunting Dog:

Duck Dog Trainers

How much money could you expect to spend how difficult is the training is it something that you can do for yourself

Are you going to have to send them to an expensive how important is it to own a hunting dog when I first started duck hunting

I did not have a dog I did a lot of hunting without a dog and finally, I decided you know what I want, I want to go ahead and try to get one

It has changed my duck hunting completely and totally

So why is as a duck hunting dog important you’re going to lose a lot fewer birds with the dog

Duck Hunting dog Have got powerful noses and their vision is really good

And they’re going to get after those birds much faster than you can flog in through the water

So you’re going to lose a lot fewer birds when you train your duck hunting dog raise your dog and you’re with them

They love hunting every bit as much as you do you fall in love with that dog like no pet

I’ve ever fallen in love with and also just adds to the overall enjoyment of your duck hunting experience


How Much Does It Cost to Have a Duck Hunting Dog?

Best Waterfowl Dogs
Best Waterfowl Dogs

You know what it’s affordable for you to get a duck hunting dog and it’s not that hard

I’m going to go over those things with you know professional trainer by any stretch of the imagination

my second dog is only the second duck hunting dog

I’ve ever personally trained my duck hunting dog’s much better trained than the person to state

But I am absolutely no expert so what do I expect my duck hunting dog to do

I want my duck hunting dog to be steady and that means my duck hunting dog is not going to leave and go for a retrieve until I tell her to do

So my duck hunting dog’s going to sit right beside me I’m going to give her command the word back and my duck hunting dog’s going to go

My dog gets a little bit sloppy with that but for most of her life my duck hunting dog’s been extremely steady

Also, I want her to bring those ducks back to me or at least close a lot of dogs will drop ducks on the shoreline

And oh this is pretty good about that for some reason the colder the weather gets my duck hunting dog likes to drop birds at the shoreline

I want my duck hunting dog to at least bring the duck very close to the back

If not back to me I want my duck hunting dog to come when they’re called and I want my dog to take minor hand signals

Which is he does I’ve trained her a little bit on hand signals but again I’m no professional trainer

These are just the basics if you can get your hunting dog to do those four things be steady bring the birds back come when called

And do minor hand signals


The book For Duck Hunting Dog Training:

You know that’s all you have to have if you just want to have a good quality hunting dog that will do the basics

It’s not something that’s all that difficult I would not pick myself up the book called water dog written by Richard Walters

You follow that book to the letter it’s not that hard to train your duck hunting dog

It takes about ten minutes a day you follow the book water dog and you’re not going to need to send them off to a trainer

You’re not it’s something that you can do yourself I promise you can it’s not that difficult

I promise you are going to add a lot of enjoyment and you’re going to feel good about it

It’s something that everyone can do it’s something that the common hunter can do you know


Duck Hunting Dog Breed Price:

I have bought a duck hunting dog for $15 Izzie was $300 and old fum limits dogs they’ve been $1,000 plus dog

So really you can find a hunting dog to fit your budget I promise you again

Now my first duck hunting dog was a v like I bought her for $15 out of newspaper so what are you going to get with a $15.00 dog well


Choose Good Health Dog:

Number one your chance of having a really good duck hunting dog does drop your chance of having a duck hunting dog with health problems increases

Because you’re not getting a duck hunting dog with any kind of established bloodline

A $15.00 duck hunting dog is not going to come with any paperwork like I said you’re more likely for it to have health problems

And you’re more likely to end up with a duck hunting dog that doesn’t do what you want it to do come on is so well don’t get grouchy about it

I just need you to keep your head up a little bit okay can you do that

So when you don’t pay very much money for a hunting dog like I pay $15 for my first duck hunting dog

You’re the likelihood that you’re going to get a duck hunting dog that doesn’t do as good a job goes up the chance of having a dog with health problem goes up

Because you’re not getting any kind of established bloodline or paperwork or certification of health


Health Problem Of Hunting Dog:

So the more that you pay for your hunting dog the more likely you’re going to have a fantastic dog that’s healthy

The less you pay your odds of getting a good dog dewdrop and the likelihood for hip problems which is very common in duck hunting dog goes up

Now like I said my first duck hunting dog was $15 and she was great

I didn’t do a very good job with the trainer number my duck hunting dog wasn’t steady at all but she was had a lot of enthusiasm duck hunting dog was a great dog


Bloodline Dog Breeding:

I have a second duck hunting dog and I got her for $300 as she is my duck hunting dog came with paperwork

She’s got a good bloodline in her family my duck hunting dog’s got certified

Retrievers and here’s not work here’s what makes a dog cost more money the bet them the better the bloodline

 The more expensive the duck hunting dog is going to cost so guys that are really into training go out to all these field trials for duck hunting dogs

They will get them all these ribbons and certifications and there’ll be Grand Master champions and when they do that then their pups cost more

Because it’s just like with people with two if two Olympic athletes have children those children are more likely to be an Olympic athlete

It’s just a bit of statistical probability as all it is so the more you pay for a duck hunting dog the more bloodline

They have fantastic certified retrievers now is my duck hunting dog has some the high-quality retrievers in her bloodline

But they were a little distant so my duck hunting dog was only a $300 dog and I’ll say one thing I’ve noticed with Disney being a $300 dog my duck hunting dog’s a little less athletic

My duck hunting dog has a little less desire now my dad has purchased what I mean to hurt your feelings about it

I’m just going to true my dad has had three dogs all of which were $1000 plus dogs

And every single one of them has been more athletic every single one of them has had a better nose 

Duck Hunting Dog Cost For Common Duck Hunting:

But like I said you know if you’re just a common duck hunter like I am, I don’t want to spend 1200 1500 dollars for a duck hunting dog $300 fits my budget

And I love this duck hunting dog she’s wonderful little retrievers but my duck hunting dog’s steady

She’d get all the birds all the easy birds and now and then my duck hunting dog’ll bust out a really good retrieve my duck hunting dog’s given me everything that

I could have wanted if you want a hunting dog but you don’t have a great budget

You can still do it pick up that water dog book choose your duck hunting dog to match your budget and get out there and just train

It’s only going to take about 10 minutes a day of training to successfully have your duck hunting dog ready the main message


Professional Trainer Cost:

I want to put forth here to you guys is this you don’t have to be a professional trainer to have a duck hunting dog

You don’t have to have a huge budget to be to have a duck hunting dog

But what you need is patience love and the ability to stick with it every single day or almost ever

If you aren’t going to put the love and time into your duck hunting dog to exercise your duck hunting dog spend quality time with it don’t get a hunting dog

I’ve seen guys that get duck hunting dogs put them in a tender backyard and don’t interact with them at all until it’s time to hunt

Or maybe a few training sessions here and there that’s not the last, of a dog they need companionship

They need love but if you’ve got those things if you’ve got a couple of bucks you can pick up that book

You’ve got love time and patience I promise you, You can have a hunting dog so that’s about all I’ve got for you


How to Choose the Right Duck Hunting Dog:

Hunting Dogs
Hunting Dogs

Let’s talk a little bit about choosing the right duck hunting dog that’s where the whole experience starts without the right duck hunting dog

We cannot go through the program and expect a good product finding the right duck hunting dog involves researching

Number one all of the brief there are many different breeds of duck hunting dogs

So you have to find the breed that suits your hunting the best once you find the right breed

You’re going to look around and do research amongst the delegates that you find that are being bred

And check for titles for instance both of my duck hunting dog’s parents are titled in the retriever industry

His mother is a grand hunting retriever champion his father is a hunting retriever champion

We’re also going to check on the health qualifications of both parents to make sure that they’ve got all the health qualifications

That are common in that particular breeds industry

The best way to find the right duck hunting dog is actually to see the parents work

If the parents work as you want them to if they do what you want them to do chances are the puppy is going to do what you wanted to do

So all those elements go into finding the right duck hunting dog, take your time

You’re going to spend a lot of time with your duck hunting dog and you’re going to make a tremendous investment in your duck hunting dog with your time, money, and experience

So take your time find the right dog


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