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Popular Golden Retriever Puppy Price In Chennai India, We Shared Details of Golden Retriever Cost And Breeder Contacts, Best Rate Available

Golden Retriever Puppy Price:

Golden Retriever Puppies Price Chennai India
  1. Price : 20000

Shop Name : Pet Store In Chennai

Contact : 9940394411

Location : Chennai

Golden Retriever Dog Price

2. Price : 18000

Shop Name : Teghakennel

Contact : 9891013131

Location : Chennai

Golden Retriever Dog

3. Price : 15000

Shop Name : Pet Shop

Contact : 7597972222

Location : Madurai

Golden Retriever How Much

4. Price : 17000

Shop Name : Aryan

Contact : 09555944924

Location : Madurai

Golden Retriever Price India Chennai

5. Price : 12000

Shop Name : Pet Shop

Contact : 7580020189

Location : All over India

Golden Retriever Price

6. Price : 30000

Shop Name : Simba Kennel

Contact : 9884699973

Location : Chennai

Golden Retriever Rate

7. Price : 19000

Shop Name : A R Petsort

Contact : 9886300820

Location : All over India

Golden Retriever Puppies

8. Price : 20000

Shop Name : Vajra

Contact : 9845088885

Location : Any where in India

Golden Retriever

9. Price : 18000

Shop Name : Girish V

Contact : 9916386593

Location : Any Where In India

Golden Retriever Puppy

10. Price : 25000

Shop Name : Ramesh

Contact : 8143710807

Location : Any Where In India

Golden Retriever Price India:

Before Buy A Golden Retriever – Facts To Consider

The golden retriever Puppy evokes positive emotions in almost

everybody even in those who otherwise aren’t enthusiastic about this breed

Anyway, this golden retriever dog breed took part in hundreds of movies which has established its popularity

which has remained unchanged in recent decades to know what it is up to you to choose a golden retriever Puppy

let’s take a look at the seven points a golden retriever Puppy thinker should consider before choosing this golden retriever  breed

The final point will also reveal whether the golden retriever Puppy is an ideal choice for a first-time dog owner

Golden Retriever Puppy Price In Chennai India

1. A brief history of the golden retriever

Regarding the past of the golden retriever, there was a widespread belief that Russian circus dogs were crossed with Scottish and English golden retriever breeds

And this led to their development this idea lasted until the 1950s

when the contemporary notes of lord tweed mouth the creator of the breed were discovered which revealed that he had crossed the yellow retriever

he owned with a representative of a spaniel breed living in Scotland at that time the tweed water spaniel this breed was bred to be a hunting dog

Their primary task was to collect the shop birds mainly in wet marshy areas

Golden retriever is less and less used for hunting purposes instead they have become one of the most popular family dogs in Anglo-Saxon areas

2. The personality of the golden retriever Puppies

The golden retriever Puppies are an extremely kind friendly maximally human-focused dog breed

The Sullivan child dwells in every golden retriever Puppies without the slightest sign of malice or aggression towards other dogs or humans

And not only in connection with their owners a truly positive thinker

The hallmark of their personality is the willingness to comply

They do and learn almost everything to make their masters happy and satisfied

if we were talking about students and not dogs perhaps in a positive sense

They would be geeks to characterize their character and behavior

 3. Size and code of the golden retriever

Golden retrievers typically weigh from 25 to 35 kilograms With an average height of 50 to 60 centimetres

Their fur can range in color from cream to dark gold

Their fur is of medium length which cannot be curly

Golden retriever bodies are typically straight their legs chest belly and tails are wavy their undercoat is very thick and resistant to water and storms

Golden retriever shed often and much and regular maintenance of their coat is highly recommended

4. The train ability of the golden retriever

Due to their compulsion to comply golden retrievers can be easily and quickly trained for tasks that suit their characters

Golden retriever lovely calm dog comes out most with a trainer like his own personality

They are matched by understanding friendly and positive training methods hardness and roughness are very far from this golden retriever  breed and not expedient

They are passionate about their owners enthusiastic and committed golden retriever melt away from the positive feedback

What they can’t be trained for and aren’t suitable for it all is guard and protection work

Golden retrievers will always welcome every stranger who appears in the yard with erupting enthusiasm and this can’t be changed as this is part of their character

5. The golden retrievers’ activity

Due to their hunter past, golden retriever Puppies are very active love to move come and go fool around run with their owners

Fetch the ball and of course, they love swimming and water

This golden retriever dog needs to be moved and runs regularly otherwise golden retriever will not be happy

Without enough activities golden retriever can turn inwards keeping them in a house with a garden is ideal for golden retriever

But golden retriever can easily get used to living in an apartment but regular morning and evening walks are required

They can play with other dogs as well as golden retriever are friendly with all other dogs and do not get into fights or showdowns

6. The health and lifespan of the golden retriever

Compared to the size of the golden retriever they are a surprisingly long-living dog breed with a typical lifespan of 13 to 15 years

But it is not uncommon for individuals to be 17 to 18 years old as well which is a curiosity

Among them elbow dysplasia rarely epilepsy and hereditary progressive retinal atrophy can occur for which it is worth asking for the health screening papers of the parents

when buying a golden retriever  puppy they have no other known or characteristic diseases golden retriever can be called a healthy breed

7. And finally, the last question is the golden retriever a good choice for a first-time dog owner

The golden retriever can safely be called one of the few dogs

That can be honestly recommended to almost all first-time dog owners with their above the average kindness and adaptability

Golden retriever tolerate and accept almost all mistakes made by an inexperienced owner with no negative consequences

A golden retriever even if untrained will never attack another dog chasing postman his boldest prank will be at most a reckless chase of a pigeon here of course

We must also mention that the person who chooses them must not forget this extremely cheerful breed will be happy

if golden retriever can be close to their owner and family and requires a lot of activity the absence of all these can change their almost unshakably positive character in a negative direction


Golden Retriever Puppy Price In Chennai India

Golden Retriever Price In India


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