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Labrador Puppy Price In India Chennai:

Labrador Retriever Chennai
  1. Price : 11000

Shop Name : Candle Lights Kennel

Contact : 9840187666

Location : Chennai, India

Labrador Retriever Dog

2. Price : 9000

Shop Name : Pet Shop Chennai

Contact : 8778329660

Location : India, Chennai

Labrador Retriever Dog Price In India Chennai

3. Price : 10000

Shop Name : Marian Farms

Contact : 9487093173

Location : India, Chennai

Labrador Retriever Price In India Chennai

4. Price : 6000

Shop Name : Pet Shop

Contact : 9940192453

Location : India, Chennai

Labrador Retriever Puppy Price India Chennai

5. Price : 6000

Shop Name : Testify Pet Shop

Contact : 9212501257

Location : All Over India

Labrador Retriever Puppy

6. Price : 8000

Shop Name : Dream Dog kennels

Contact : 8870539565

Location : India, Chennai

Lab Dog Price Chennai

7. Price : 11000


Contact : 9003067670

Location : Chennai

Lab Puppy

8. Price : 6000

Shop Name : Sai Reshmitha Pet Shop

Contact : 8886761188

Location : All Over India

Labrador Cost

9. Price : 8000

Shop Name : Jonah Pet Center

Contact : 9884699973

Location : All Over India

Labrador Retriever Breeders

10. Price : 5000

Shop Name : Jojokennel

Contact : 9849362436

Location : All Over India


Are you interested in getting a Labrador Dog Price In India Chennai, but not quite sure what the financial responsibility of getting one and owning one is

We will fill you in on everything you need to know about getting your very own Labrador Retriever Puppy and what to expect in the money

This Article is dedicated to helping you learn everything you could want to know about the Labrador Retriever Puppy

Then how to become high-level canine leaders that can raise the perfect Labrador Retriever Puppy

So if you’re a lifelong Labrador Retriever lover thinking about getting one

Or you’ve just started your journey with your new Labrador Retriever Puppy then this Article is for you

Labrador Dog Price – India

Start with what it costs to get your very own Labrador Retriever Puppy

The cost of the Labrador Retriever Puppy greatly depends on whether you

Choose to adopt a Labrador Retriever Puppy from a rescue or shelter or you decide to get one from a breeder

If you choose to rescue your new Labrador Retriever Puppy the adoption fee could range anywhere from 50 up to 250

If you choose to get your Labrador Retriever Puppy from a breeder this is also, a great option and is a good choice for someone who wants to have all of the history health information

And some insight into what to expect from a temperament drive

A Labrador Retriever Puppy can cost anywhere from eight hundred dollars to twelve hundred dollars

However, this can be a heftier price range if you’re looking to acquire a working line Labrador Retriever Puppy from title parents

Transportation – How Much Does A LABRADOR Cost?

The next significant financial consideration is if the Labrador Retriever Puppy isn’t close enough for you to drive and pick it up yourself

How will you get it home and what might that cost

If it’s not close by you can add additional expenses for transportation

Ground transporter fees range anywhere from 300 to 700 depending on how far they take the Labrador Retriever

This can also be something of an issue as companies who do ground transport for pets tend to have roots

They are only in some areas at select times so you may need to wait until the transporter is in the area to pick up the Labrador Retriever

If the Labrador Retriever is too far to be driven and flying is your only option left there are a few choices on

How to do this Labrador Retriever Puppies can fly by themselves up to a certain weight as long as it is domestic flight the average for this is 350 dollars for a medium-sized puppy at the lab

And depending on where it’s being flown to and from adult dogs might be more troublesome

You can expect to pay over the estimated 350

International Transportation – Labrador Retriever Price Chennai:

If the puppy needs an international flight to get home you have two options

Option number one is to go to wherever the dog is and fly back with them

The second option is to hire a company that offers a service to pick up the puppy

And they will fly with it to your closest airport puppies and dogs coming from another country cannot fly alone as someone needs to be there to check the dog into customs

The first option can be anywhere from 400 to 1 000

Just for the dog not including your plane ticket

Option two is more costly because you need to pay the charge with the airline for the dog

The company’s fee and the handling fee this will be a minimum of one thousand two hundred dollars

Things To Buy For Lab Dog – Labrador Dog Price In India Chennai

You will also need toys, treats bowls, a crate, collar, leash, vaccinations parasite prevention, and food at a bare minimum

Here’s the breakdown for these items toys fifty dollars, Disney quality treats fifteen dollars, bowls fourteen dollars, crate fifty dollars, collar twenty 25, leash 15, good quality food 45, vaccinations 109

Not including boosters and power attack prevention is 60 for a six month supply

Labrador Retriever Health Cost:

If we go with the purpose from the higher price range

Because of the health concerns with this breed at one thousand dollars no transportation needed and our bare-bones list

You’ll be looking at one thousand three hundred and eighty-three dollars from day one

There are a few health problems with Labrador Retriever to be aware of but the most common ones are bloat and proponent

The surgeries to correct these can be costly hip dysplasia surgery can cost 3 500 to 7 000 for surgery on one hip

If your Labrador Retriever dog needs attention on both sides this number doubles the surgery for entropion which is a condition where the dog’s eyelid is prone to rolling in

And getting stuck can be between 500 to 1500 the average amount of Labrador Retriever costs per year is around 1 200 on the scale’s low end that is the equivalent of purchasing a new Labrador Retriever Puppy

Every year this amount can fluctuate though if you choose to do an all-raw diet go to a groomer or use doggy daycare

Services a combination of these things can quickly push your yearly expenses into the thousands


Labrador Dog Price In India Chennai

Labrador Puppy Price In India Chennai

Labrador Price

Labrador Dog Price


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