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Pit bull Dog Price

Pitbull Dog Price In India Chennai, We Shared Healthy Pit Bull Price And Blue Nose Pitbull Facts Also Red Nose Pitbull Myths

Pitbull Dog Price In India:

Pitbull Dog Price
  1. Price: 8500

Shop Name : Maria

Contact : 8007768148

Location : All Over India

Pitbull In Chennai

2. Price: 12000

Shop Name : Prince Mohan

Contact : 9894043003

Location : All Over India

Pitbull Puppy In India

3. Price: 18000

Shop Name : Atul Tiwary

Contact : 9212275313

Location : All Over India

Brown Pitbull

4. Price: 22000

Shop Name : Dr.Y.K.Reddy

Contact : 9346338263

Location : All Over India

Pitbull Puppy Cost India

5. Price: 11000

Shop Name : Ragavendran

Contact : 9787317607

Location : All Over India

Pitbull Dog Price In Chennai:

Pit bull Puppy

6. Price: 15000

Shop Name : Aryan

Contact : 9555944924

Location : Chennai India

Red Nose Pitbull Dog

7. Price: 6600

Shop Name : Protectiondog

Contact : 9783735538

Location : Chennai, India

Pitbull Dog Price In India

8. Price: 17200

Shop Name : Singh bulls kennel

Contact : 9999708699

Location : Chennai, India

Blue Nose Pitbull Dog

9. Price: 13000

Shop Name : Chennai Pet Shop

Contact : 9999708699

Location : Chennai, India

Pitbull Dog Price In Chennai

10. Price: 21000

Shop Name : Home breed

Contact : 9080973506

Location : Chennai, India

Pitbull Dog Cost India Chennai:

The pros and cons about this race many people think that Pitbull Amstaff stuffy

These types of dogs are very bad and aggressive for example in my country, I am obligated to walk my Pitbull Dog with a muzzle

So that’s why Pitbull dog has a muzzle he’s not aggressive at all

Anything can happen and he will be the first to run so Pitbull dog’s not aggressive at all right

We can talk a little bit about the pros and cons of owning an American Staffordshire bull terrier


Pros Of Pitbull Dog:

First of all, let’s start with the pros

They are such loving dogs they just love their owners and also Pitbull dog is very protecting by nature

They want to protect their home and their owners also Pitbull dog is very good with children

Pitbull Puppy is also named nanny dogs because they feel that the children are so fragile and they want to protect him

Some other pros for this breed are that Pitbull is very funny and heaven very and have a very expressive face

They are very funny in anything they do they sleep funny,

Pitbull talk funny about anything and also something very important very happy

Pitbull puppy is very smart being so smart it’s very easy to train


Cons Of Pitbull Dog:

Now let’s talk about the cons of this breed

They are very active and for a busy person this can be a problem

Because when you go to work you need to take a Pitbull dog out for at least one hour and tired them up

Pitbull dog is very very active and loves to play all day this comes hand in hand with the next cons

They can destroy the house very badly so if you don’t exhaust them when you leave them alone

It’s going to be a bad day for your home


Something Important To Know Before You Get This Pitbull Breed:

Also, something very important to know before you get this breed is that they are testing your authority

For example, if I don’t want my Pitbull Puppy to sit on the bed

I have to tell him again and again and again because Pitbull will test me every chance he gets

So you have to be consistent with what you want him to do

Or don’t also, in the beginning, this was a mistake that I made believing that he will not shed that much

But even if Pitbull dog has such short hair he sheds a lot and I have to clean daily after this break

Also, something important is that they’re not very strong dogs


Health Of Pitbull Puppy:

When talking about their health Pitbull can get sick very easy

If you don’t pay attention to what he eats what he licks when you find everything

For example, one or two months ago my Pitbull Puppy tore his Nail so this was pretty bad for him yeah

He was hurt um two or three weeks he was in pain

I had to go to the vet almost daily for checkups to replace the bandage so

You have to be careful but that was not that I could prevent that’s what my vet said

So it happened also they have digestive problems so you have to be very very careful to what they eat

And something for when they get older they may develop some bone or joint problems

So you have to be very careful especially when he’s young with the training


Pit Bull Dog Training:

He needs to be grown before you can train him harder until this age one and a half years old

My Pitbull Puppy didn’t train at all uh physically I let him do what he wants run play with other dogs

Just dog stuff this is it for this article if you guys have any pros or cons that I didn’t talk about

I invite you to write a comment down below and be sure to tell us your idea


Myths & Facts – You should know before Get PITBULL Dog :

Pitbulls dog without a doubt is among the most lovable dogs in the world

Pit bulls are loyal hilarious and smart by nature


Benefits Of Pitbull Dog:

In the old day’s Pitbulls used to work in the farms the hunting other small animals to protect the farms

Pitbull dogs used to serve the military as well and that’s the most interesting thing about this breed

Pitbulls are completely misunderstood due to some negative information

Due to a unique combination of smartness and strength

Pitbull dog has been a smart choice among dog owners

Unfortunately, several myths and misconceptions are completely false about Pitbull dogs

And the myths are not even scientifically proven

There’s no denying to say that pit bulls are blessed with a lot of natural talent

Myth origin of Pitbulls is American rumors say fact pit bulls are bred from old English bulldogs

And back in 1800 pit bulls gained popularity in blood sport known as bull-baiting in the early stages of America

Many of the immigrants brought their Pitbull breed as part of their family

And since then Americans showed their love for the breed as they found pit bulls incredibly friendly and intelligent

There have been many people that were found famous throughout the 20th century


Myth And Facts – Pitbull Dog Breed:

Myth pit bulls are aggressive fact if you’re thinking to own a Pitbull dog

Then you should not take it lightly generally and genetically the Pit bulldogs are not aggressive

But they’re found to be less tolerant than other breeds like if this breed puts their mind to do something

They’ll do it as their very athletic animals the behavior of Pitbull dog with humans and other animals completely depend upon their socialization

If you keep this breed chained or in a cage all the time then you’ll find very aggressive reactions of Pitbull dog

However, some people used to say that Pitbulls are found to be very helpful through their thick and thin

Pit bulls are very athletic as they can motivate you to do exercise

Myth pitbull dogs are not good for families fact

Pitbulls are generally not aggressive dogs instead the behavior of this breed depends upon

How good you treat pit bulls and how much you keep this breed socializing with other animals

Some breeds of Pitbulls are very famous in Americans

Because they found Pitbulls as a protector for their kids

In case of their absence if there are young children at home

Then you should avoid dogs until parents are sure that the child respects the limits to treat the dogs

Pit bulls are one of the few dogs who form a deep attachment with families

Myth Pitbulls are useful for sniffing jobs fact pit bulls have superior ability to sniff in here

Pitbull Dog Helps Human:

Due to their strong sense of smell and high level of intelligence

They are good at sniffing jobs as they save many people after discovering bombs and other stuff

Pitbull dog is very useful in searching and rescuing people due to their very pleasant behavior for the people

Pit bulls will not hesitate to save a life in any situation

Pitbull Dog Characteristics Myths:

Myth Pitbulls don’t love other dogs fact pit bulls are the most gentle and loving dogs out there

Pitbulls have become the victim of countless

Myths as Pitbulls are from the breed known as fighting bulls

And because of Pitbulls, history is fighting dogs they feel enjoyment in fighting with other dogs

They’re generally aggressive with other dogs and this can be true under some circumstances

But if you keep them socializing with other animals then you’ll find them humble with other breeds

The tolerance of pit bulls with other dogs can be measured with the level of Pitbull’s training

And the bottom line is that breed is never a point of aggression bottom line

The American pit bull terrier is one of the top 3 favorite breeds of dogs in America

If you want to keep this breed around your kids then make sure that you supervise them all the time when they’re together

Some Pitbulls are good with other dogs and some are bad that completely depends upon their training

Any dog can bite as there are no reliable data found that Pitbull dog is more likely to bite humans than other dogs

There’s a myth about locking jaws of pit bulls which is completely wrong if you’re planning to buy any dog   

Then make sure you know all the facts about a specific breed

As nearly half of the American kids have been bitten by different dogs



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