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Pomeranian Price:

Pomeranian Dog Price In India Chennai, Pure White and Black Pomeranian Puppy Price And Breeder Contacts Details Available

Pomeranian Dog Price In India:

Pomeranian Dog Price In India
  1. Price: 25000

Shop Name : Harry Dog Farm

Contact : 9463416700

Location : All Over India

Black Pomeranian Rate

2. Price: 12000

Shop Name : Taskeen Pet’s

Contact : 9310592795

Location : All Over India

Pomeranian Baby

3. Price: 18000

Shop Name : Testify Pet shop

Contact : 9212501257

Location : All Over India

Pomeranian Dog Price In Chennai

4. Price: 22000

Shop Name : Trust Dogs Kennel

Contact : 9899803008

Location : All Over India

Pomeranian Dog

5. Price: 10000

Shop Name : Adarsh kennel

Contact : 9896099119

Location : All Over India

Pomeranian Puppy Price In India Chennai:

Pomeranian Price

6. Price: 8000

Shop Name : Maxx pets

Contact : 8045775075

Location : Chennai, India

Pomeranian Puppies

7. Price: 4500

Shop Name : S S pet and Aquarium

Contact : 7947082602

Location : All Over India

Pomeranian Puppy Price In Chennai

8. Price: 13000

Shop Name : Krishma pets

Contact : 7947461965

Location : Chennai, India

Pomeranian Puppy Price In India

9. Price: 7500

Shop Name : Angry Pets

Contact : 9176977925

Location : Chennai, India

White Pomeranian Cost

10. Price: 10000

Shop Name : J P Pets

Contact : 8045781833

Location : Chennai, India

When I was researching Pomeranian puppy-like care and like all the tips on having a permanent puppy and all that stuff

I made a list of all my pros and cons

so I’m going to start with the cons

Cons of Pomeranian Dog:

A lot of accidents – Pomeranian Dog Price In Chennai

There’s going to be a lot of accidents my Pomeranian dog still is not in potty train

I’m indoor potty training right now which means I have those pee pet things

Which you place like basically in every room

Your puppy is going to like go in

so your Pomeranian puppy you know if they want to go they have it in like each room

You know the strategy of how you can potty train your Pomeranian puppy is basically

you just like put them around your house and like and you see

If your Pomeranian dog is going potty and if they’re doing all the potty pad

Then you give them a treat like the first three seconds they go on the potty pad

And so when my Pomeranian Dog starts doing her business, not on her potty pad

I grab my Pomeranian dog and put her on the potty pad

while my Pomeranian dog’s like peeing or pooping which is not that fun

You are going to have to take your dog to the vet at some point

The second con is you probably can get sick

My Pomeranian dog got sick from like I don’t know what my Pomeranian dog was like ate something from the ground which

I just don’t know what my Pomeranian dog ate but my Pomeranian dog got sick which basically

My Pomeranian dog had diarrhea for like a week and my Pomeranian dog was puking

We have taken her to the event already two times

But now my Pomeranian dog’s all good so you have to keep in mind that you know

You’re going to have to take your Pomeranian dog to the vet

Pomeranian puppies can’t be left alone more than two hours a day:

Number three is Pomeranian puppies can’t be left alone more than two hours a day

That’s actually for like pretty much all the dogs

I think if you leave your Pomeranian puppy alone for more than two hours a day like while they’re a puppy

Then they can develop separation anxiety and you don’t want that you have to wash your Pomeranian dog-like at least once a month

Not at least I mean like just wash your Pomeranian puppy when he gets mess Pomeranians to have long fur

They’re fluffy after you bake them the drawing takes like 10 to 30 minutes with a blow dryer

Pomeranian Dog  Walks – Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Yeah we take my on walks like almost daily and my Pomeranian dog gets tired my Pomeranian dog walks like 50 of the walk by herself

And then the other half I carry her we usually walk for like 30 minutes and my Pomeranian dog just walked like 20 minutes

which is pretty good for a puppy so you know you have to get ready and you’re probably going to have to carry your pomeranian

Watch Out For Aggressive Pomeranian Dogs: 

Another thing if you’re going to a park there’s probably going to be like bigger dogs

We let my Pomeranian dog play with the other dogs and there’s a lot of dogs in the parks

We go to and you know I can get hurt because some dogs you know just play more aggressively

And they’re just stronger this has happened to my Pomeranian dog just like

some dogs kind of they like play by and then my Pomeranian dog kind of gets hurt and kind of

Poop Gets Stuck – Pomeranian Puppy Price In Chennai

Another thing for fluffy dogs poop probably will get stuck in their fur so that’s not fun

But what I do if I can’t like to wash the poop out or brush it out

Then I just like cut the fur um but she doesn’t care

Will Cry The First Nights – Pomeranian Puppy

Another thing was the worst thing with me and My Pomeranian dog is the crying

oh my god um I was looking at other Youtube videos about crying at night

A lot of people say that like their puppies cry like from one day to like a week

I thought it’s going to be just a few days a few nights with my Pomeranian dog crying at night

But now my other dog was crying like a full week even maybe a little more at night

And I did not get sleep yeah so prepare for no sleep but I mean if you get lucky

Be Careful Of Food On The Ground – Pomeranian Dog Cost

Your problem and maybe just cry for like one night or two you know you have to keep an eye out for the food

You drop or like what you eat you know because your dog may get to the food and eat it

And then get your dog you’re going to have to take your dog to the vet

Pros of Pomeranian Dog – Pomeranian Dog Price In Chennai

Now moving on to the good things of owning a parent

so number one company is amazing um having around the house just my Pomeranian dog is so great

Whenever you’re just doing anything children’s going to be running around your dog is just going to be running around

I mean like we’re sleeping you know whatever

When I just do random things around the house my Pomeranian dog sometimes just goes crazy by herself

And just runs around the whole house and sometimes I’m watching live Tv and my Pomeranian dog’s just maybe chilling with me watching it too

Sometimes when there’s like some dogs barking on the Tv like on the

show or something my Pomeranian dog starts barking too

Which is kind of funny but yeah the company is nice like you have

like a fluffy dog around your house, It’s really fun

Another Good Thing:

Another really good thing about owning a Pomeranian is that they’re super small like the heavier the heaviest

They’re probably going to get is like 3.5 kilos which are great my Pomeranian dog is really on light

My Pomeranian dog’s not like only like my Pomeranian dog weights only like one kilogram and like 300 grams like

It’s really easy to carry her she’s light and that’s amazing and another thing when you go on walks

If you have a small dog or pomeranian it’s so great because your paws get dirty

And you just put them in the sink wash their paws and you’re good to go

let’s say if you have a big dog you’re not just going to be able to throw

them in the sink and wash their paws or whatever

So it’s nice having a small dog

Freaking Pomeranian Puppy:

Number three is um when you come home from school to work

it’s so fun to see your dog

Because I mean my Pomeranian dog is so happy to see me like all the time when I come from school

If I come home from school my Pomeranian dog’s just freaking out so happy to see me which is fun and makes you happy

Potty Training For Pomeranian Puppy:

Number four is in your potty training it’s nice because

You can enjoy indoor potty train your dog your Pomeranian and when it’s like winter or really bad weather outside

Your pomeranian can just go inside on the pee pads and it’s really easy to clean up

You can’t do that with big dogs

23rd Smartest Dogs In The World:

Another great thing about Pomeranians is that their the 23rd smartest dogs in the world

I know that because of well I saw this on this one like ranking I’ll pull up a screenshot

Exercise For Pomeranian Dog – Pomeranian Price In India

You can teach a lot of tricks friends don’t need so another thing

Pomeranians don’t need a lot of exercises

I mean if you have trained your Pomeranian like to go on long walks

Then yeah that’s great but like normally like your promenade is probably going to get tired after like 40 minutes

If they’re like grown on walks and you’re just going to have to carry them if you’re walking more

They get tired but the fact that they only need 40 minutes is good if you don’t have that much time to take them on walls

Food Cost Of Pomeranian Breed:

Pomeranians don’t eat a lot um and you don’t have to buy that much food it doesn’t like the cost that much

I mean depends on what brand you buy but

Yeah it’s pretty easy to feed them when they’re puppies you feed them like canned food which is a little harder

But when they’re grown up Pomeranians don’t eat a lot and it’s really easy to feed them

Oh I was watching Youtube videos and this one the girls said that um Pomeranian dog that

If you have Pomeranian you’re going to be walking outside and people are going to like stop by

And ask to put your Pomeranian and stuff or just like ask me questions

I thought it’s not going to be true it turns out that is true you’re going to get a lot of attention on walks

People are going to probably come up to you and ask to pet your pomeranian

Or ask some questions so be prepared for that but I like the Tension

The last pro is they become a family member and you can’t imagine your life without your Pomeranian

I legit can’t like imagine what would it be without my Pomeranian dog

I’m so used to my Pomeranian dog just running around and honestly

I think there’s a lot more pros and cons and I don’t regret getting my Pomeranian dog so if you want a problem

Then I would say get your pawn


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