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Pug Price:

Pug Dog Price In India Chennai, We Have Vodafone Dog, Hutch Dog, Best Pug Puppy Price In Chennai, Baby Pug At Best Rate (Cost)

Pug Price In India

Pug Price In India
  1. Price : 12000


Contact : 7042846448

Location : All Over India

Hutch Dog

2. Price : 18000

Shop Name : Taskeen Pet’s Hub

Contact : 9310592795

Location : All Over India

Pug Puppy Price In India

3. Price : 25000

Shop Name : Dreamy Pet’s

Contact : 9654249090

Location : All Over India

Baby Pug

4. Price : 30000


Contact : 9212501257

Location : All Over India

Pug Dog Price

5. Price : 8000


Contact : 7888586004

Location : All Over India

Pug Dog Price In Chennai:

Pug Price

6. Price :

Shop Name :

Contact :

Location : Chennai, India

Pug Price In Chennai

7. Price : 24000

Shop Name : Quality pets

Contact : 8045782212

Location : Chennai, India

Pug Puppy Price In Chennai

8. Price : 17000

Shop Name : Chennai Pet Shop

Contact : 9962720380

Location : Chennai, India

Pug Puppy Price

9. Price : 22000

Shop Name : J k Pets

Contact : 7947447108

Location : Chennai, India

Vodofone Dog

10. Price : 10000

Shop Name : Pet Shops

Contact : 9840187666

Location : Chennai, India

Pug Puppy Price In India Chennai:

You should know about Pugs, we are going to discuss something which is probably the most important thing

When getting a Pug and that’s the cost

The first thing when you’re going to buy a pug is you need to decide

If you’re going to buy a pug are you going to buy some nuts like a pug

Because if you specifically want a pug now I would highly recommend getting an actual pug

not don’t like you know jogs dogs Pugs all them crossbreed I would if you were to want to put avoid crossbreeds

Cross speeds are a lot cheaper and the kind of a reason for that because

You get trade from other dogs whereas a pugs trait and everything it’s got with it as a whole is kind of like a perfect little package

Whereas you do if you get it crossed with a chihuahua it might bark it might

yup you know this so if you’re going to get a pug

I would recommend a full pedigree probably case

You’ve registered pug now depending on kind of where yeah

I’m in the UK so obviously, this is going to be in the pound so I’m sure you can try and convert

If you’re from America or any other place in Europe or whatever

but over here kind of depends on the Anur for salt because

this in the southern part of the UK it’s more expensive for Pug dogs

It’s the same with everything really in the UK like cars and houses everything’s more expensive

So we’re from like the very top of England like borderline with Scotland

Vodafone dog Breeder Price:

There’s a Pug breeder up here in Carlisle and at the top of the UK which they go for between a thousand and 1,200

depending on the male pug or female pug and their full pedigree

if you all looking for a pug

I would say the price kind of range, in general, would be from a vowel saw a year eight nine hundred pounds to sort you fifteen hundred

And if you want like a sure Pug dog and a lot more

But I’m sure you just here for a pet obviously

We just wanted them as a pet we weren’t bothered box or anything like that 

We didn’t want to get like if you want to pay excess amounts of money from so

we paid about a thousand pound Pablo which we’re sort of at the lower end

But you can see what a quality doggie is for that lower end you know

It’s kind of the pugs up Vicki cells you know that ideal if a pug is cheaper than say like 800 pounds

Choosing Good Baby Pug Dog – Pug Dog Price In India

There’s maybe a reason for it I’m not saying there is you know

There might be a breeze out there who sell them for less because

We’re not too bold on money or pugs about babies

And we just don’t want them you know there are lots of reasons why but

I would just watch out for maybe some Pug crossbreed and further online because

Pugs are renowned for health problems and if you don’t pay the money for the right one

Then Pug health problems are going to be a definite issue and you’re going to turn the way more money

so be better paying another 300 pounds of the Pug

Then paying thousands of problems down the line when it needs something done with its general main so

That’s in terms of biting the Pug dog in terms of what you need actually for them

isn’t probably that much cost men the main cost is obviously

purchasing you’re going to need the basic stuff so

Things Of Pug Dog:

You’ll need beds towels you can use all towels or so you know

There’s a lot of things you can recycle toys we used a lot of old bears that

We used to have from when we like kind of kids and once we get more out of them

But in terms of toys and all stuff like that, it doesn’t cost a lot in total

I think for us with like it’s created we built his pen we got his beds

You know we went to pets at home and we didn’t buy the cheapest of stuff we didn’t buy the most expensive stuff by all means so

We spent them off 200 pounds getting kind of everything we needed for him to begin with so

Quality Stuff For Hutch Dog:

You’re looking at that on top of the cost of the pug sort you know

It varies it depends on what you get and both

in terms of up the border pug about 200 pounds to get everything you need

And sufficient and looks took you to know you don’t buy cheap stuff because

You’ll rip it apart it’ll bite it chew it so you’ve got to be cautious of getting touched up and

not buying too expensive stuff what’s going to get ruined so

once between me and Chelsea we put a hundred pounds away a month now we pay a fifty pound each until

I can join a cup and then we just buy all they need for him and that that’s sufficient enough

We don’t ever that bump never gets along with you just score and spend you know

It accumulates money it’s actually like you know we’re technically saving in that cult because it’s not we’re not spending are at all

So in terms of monthly upkeep costs for a pug, there’s only really like

three things that you’ll be buying food and treats you repent for his vet bills

Health Insurance Cost For Pug Dog:

And you will be param his insurance is insurance been appalled we are cautious like is susceptible to you know

Health issues so the thing we want to do is make sure we had good insurance for pug

Now you can’t get insurance for three pounds a month which

if you want to van one insurance

That’s fine no not get anything of that but that can only cover accidental cover

Choose Right Cover For Baby Pug: Pug Dog Price In India

Well obviously we’re aware that it does are breathing issues so we went for like

I think we’ve had about twenty pounds a month which isn’t like excessive insurance because

some of them are a lot more but that kind of covers I think

it’s something like seven different illnesses of diseases and it’s about four grand per illness

or injury per year so paying twenty pounds a month

We could potentially get something ridiculous like twenty-two thousand pounds worth of fat bills from our insurance

just by paying twenty pounds so twenty pounds isn’t a lot to pay a month but if anything does happen

Then you cover if you want to pull by just any type of dog you can’t be trying to save money and skimp

you’ve got he’s got to be a priority he’s going to be wearing

When it goes you know the stuff I don’t buy for myself knowing that Pablo might need something

I always keep that money’s fair so having good insurance

it’s kind of key really to not forking out a lot of money because if you save on to buy like cheap food

And you don’t pay much for his insurance you’re taken to a not very good vet and that’s you know

They’re quite not bothered about women’s already checking properly

then you could be looking at seven you saving money but for how much health issue might cost

But extra money you’ve been saving won’t be the same as what you’re going to be paying for a vet bill

I highly recommend I’m going to use blood cells only about 20 pounds a month

In terms of vets, we’re in like a puppy thing with a vet so we pay a standing order of 12 pounds a month

Health Checkup of Pug:

The top on the month will get in free health checks we’re getting

these tore nails clipped we’re getting is vaccinations and

All the stuff we need so the top on the month you’re getting kind of a lot of stuff there which

When we’re giving them a full health check over they can check is

Where you know make sure he’s eaten right

They can give us advice so it’s all about getting the right thing what you don’t to be doing is

Just you know you want to bet that’s kind of going to properly look after him and check them over

We’re quite a family run business vet rather than one of these like

Mainstream vets which you know not to them in names but I’m not keen on them

I wanted somebody who’s going to look up the Pablo and not just is that kind of getting money from him yeah thank you so

Food Cost Of Pug Breed:

The last thing is a monthly cost would be as food so we feed in Royal Canin food

Now that’s not the top luxury run but it’s not like a cheaper one from a supermarket

You know it’s 20 pounds of biking is 4-kilo pug weapon 150 grams a day so you’re looking at that pug will last about 25 days

I think 26 says the masses gone so you look at once a month full up so

in terms of monthly costs were paying 20 pounds for a spoon 20 pounds

for his insurance and like 15 pounds for his vets so all in all you’re looking at 55 pounds a month

And that’s for kind of some good quality stuff where he’s going to be fine the last thing in terms of costs

Or is something that can’t be calculated and

It does all depends on your circumstances and that depends on what he destroys now

When getting a puppy any puppy, not just a pug they are going to buy things

They are going to destroy stuff we’ve already thrown out three or four toddlers beds

Pug Activities: 

Because pug’s chewed them rip them we then pooped on them isn’t with them

And weed on them and they just smelt so

that patrol the mountains getting you on you squash the Palmer car seats issued shelves to choose

We’ve kind of tried to let them roam free and it does work you know

It does work letting him roam free the only problem is the Pug dogs

he has been biting stuff coming up in LX curtain bars

So obviously stuff for that can’t be calculated because everybody sometimes is going to be different so

You could be looking at a tour or for buying a pug

And getting everything set up and that you could be looking

anywhere between 1,200 pounds to about 1700 pounds

Things to consider before getting a dog:

I would say that would be about your range for setting them up

getting everything combined him or her getting everything

you need and setting up a monthly cost you know you’d be looking at anywhere between 1300 1700 pounds

So that quite a bit of money but I wouldn’t change it for the world you know we spent quite a lot of money on him but

He’s are up to the world and other pardon offerings simple as that ease

But you could be looking at that kind of cost for a pug but at the end of the day

If he chews your fridge door how much is a fridge door to replace so

Cost Of Pug: Pug Dog Price In India

The main costs were put is dependent on his attitude

And what we choose to be a house bear scratch my car seat

or puzzle kind of getting them done through Audi and getting them getting a full like refurbish and chairs

I’d be looking at over a thousand pounds now that’s just as much as he costs I was expecting it

And that’s fine you know I’m not bothered lots of big scratches on the seat

But this one might be and that might be costly you’ve got to consider that

it’s not just a case of I have 1500 pounds I’m going to buy a pug because

There are added costs on to there which people sometimes

don’t tell you about like rejoice through your humbug you need to buy a new one of them

You don’t necessarily think that Hinny but it’s still something you cannot do buying

if you need it for work or whatever that you’re going to have things are not just

what it is that’s going to be it for the cost of their what I’ll do is

I’ll just put a little reference chart at the end and kind of just put together

what we’re saying and kind of how much things ask what you’d e looking at depending

We’ve got male or female for pleasure you know stuff like this


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